[Today’s post is by John H.Parker, co-author of the newly released book, Abide With Me, published by New Leaf Press. This account is from the travels of John and his co-author/photographer, Paul Seawright.]

Even hymn sites have their ghost stories. The supposed specter resident at Lew Trenchard, home of Sabine Baring-Gould, is Margaret. She was a family member a couple of centuries back known for her acerbic nature and generally bad attitude. No danger, just grumpy.

Story goes a couple and their little girl were staying at the now hotel when the child wandered into the hall and saw an old lady. “Who are you!?” the woman said. When the child asked back, “Who are you?” Margaret disappeared.

There’s a story, too, about a servant feeling someone was watching her as she crossed the courtyard. When she turned around, an old woman was watching her from a window, but vanished.

And the top tale is that someone opened Margaret’s crypt in Sabine’s church one day: Margaret is said to have raised herself up and said “Go away!”

Like all ghost stories—apocryphal (not the only hymn site story that is), but intriguing.